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From a MOA

From a MOA: Capitalisation

I have a strange and interesting subject today. It isn’t limited to kpop or fandoms but is very prevalent in them, and other online spaces.

When I first started writing for this blog, I was really torn on a decision. On casual online spaces people frequent, the use of capitalization is not so common. It almost feels right not to stick to capitalization, instead start all sentences with a common non capitalised letter. Part of me wanted to write on this blog in the same way. I’d be speaking on the same subjects in the same way. It only felt natural.

I’m really curious how this distinction came to be. Who at some point decided it wouldn’t be worth using perfect academic grammar and developed communities and communities of those who all partake in this informal use of capitalization. It’s gotten to the point that one may even feel that insisting on using formal and proper capitalization communicates as stuck up or snobby. It’s quite a funny phenomenon if you think about it. And on one hand, it allows those of us who may not speak English as a first language to blend in more seamlessly. 

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