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    POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 11

    Process Post #11

    Q: Develop community guidelines for your site. Why are those the right guidelines for you? How will you implement them? I would like to think that community guidelines for my blog would be pretty straight forward. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t want to implement too many limitations. As much as the blog is about personal opinion, any other personal opinion should be welcome in the comments. In this case any interaction is a good interaction, even if it disagrees. That being said, normal rules should apply. No trolling (characterised by disingenuous posts formulated with the sole purpose of disturbing others). No harsh swearing or harassing. No spamming. Besides these ground…

  • Peer Review,  POSIEL

    Peer Review #3

    My final peer review is for Alice’s website ‘Paiks Pets’. To start my review I want to focus briefly on the aesthetics and design of her website. The bright and playful colours are very suitable for the playful nature of the blog’s subject. The white, mint and yellow theme seems suitable and is reminiscent of the colour schemes of dog toys. The little logo at the top of the site absolutely lends itself to making that theme more plentiful. However, I almost feel that the typography choices take away from this. The default Arial-like choice for most of the body text feels a little too plain. Maybe if the fonts…

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    POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 10

    Process Post #10

    Q: Make a plan for incorporating more transmedia integration into your online publication. What channels will you focus on? Why? *I have realized after writing this post that I interpreted transmedia as meaning forms of social media instead of being made up of many forms of media. I was very torn on how I would be integrating transmedia into my site. The nature of my site made it such that I wasn’t really comfortable associating my personal online identity with the blog. I don’t think a rant blog about kpop is particularly useful to my standing. Perhaps I’m just prejudiced. Luckily, I did find a way to incorporation other platforms…

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    POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 8

    Process Post #8

    R: Guest Speaker Trevor Battye’s Lecture on Marketing and Monetization I would like to spend this week reflecting on our guest speaker Trevor Battye’s lecture on monetization. The most notable thing I find fairly amusing is the blunt delivery of facts. We argue meaning and ethics, and it is important. But in the fast, cold, hard world of business and monetization Trevor presented, value is value. We often frown upon huge corporate monopolies and the ungodly amount of power they wield. But in an entrepreneurial sense, nothing is more profitable than a monopoly. He made that clear, and I greatly appreciate his candour. Unfortunately, in a capitalistic society of money,…

  • HYBE Chairman Si-hyuk Bang standing in the middle of all five members of TXT, doing their signature group hand pose
    Assignments,  POSIEL

    Mini Assignment #2: Guest Entry

    You know him as the founder of Big Hit, the man who grew a small-time company into a prominent, leading company in present day Kpop. The father of BTS and TXT! This week I’ve invited HYBE’s world renowned chairman, Mr. Bang Sihyuk himself for a sit down and short Q&A. Naturally, he’s a very busy man, so we only have a few minutes with him. Let’s get started right away. Good evening Sihyuk-nim! Hey yo! Hitman Bag introduces! This amazing blog run by a MOA! Aww you’re too kind sir! I just wanted to shoot through a few questions while we had you. What would you say compelled you to…

  • Peer Review,  POSIEL

    Peer Review #1

    The website assigned to me for the first peer review is After Dark with Mallory. Mallory’s website is centred on book reviews, a mix of books from the 90s and from the 21st century. The use of a quote for the introduction of the site does a great job of setting the mood. I imagine that the audience for this public, those who are seeking book reviews on these genres of books, would feel at home in the aesthetic of the site. The entirety of the website is very aesthetically pleasing. The mood and palette of all the images used within the landing page is very well formulated. There is…

  • Peer Review,  POSIEL

    Peer Review #2

    My second peer review is for Amy’s digital diary at Amy’s Archives. Amy’s archives is a stellar website. It’s very together aesthetically, the typography choices as well as the general colour of theme adds to the coziness. I think the serif font and non capitalized choices are very suited for the casual and cozy mood. Even the accessibility toolbar colour is well suited to the theme! The little logo of the film camera is incredibly cute as well. The general theme of the site is minimalistic with a touch of personal adorableness that makes it very pleasing to the eye. I am not quite certain if the rounded sans serif…

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