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  • All five members of TXT posing to the camera after filming EP.119 of TODO
    From a MOA

    TODO is back!

    I’m so excited! My Mondays are made! TXT’s self published variety show is finally back after approximately three months of hiatus! During promotions, what with having to spend 10 hours at an ungodly time recording for music shows, the other interviews and promotions and everything in between, most groups self published shows take a necessary hiatus. There’s only 24 hours in a day after all. Usually towards the end of promotions, their time is freed up enough for them to film again and they produce several episodes to be released over the span fo months. These self published shows are definitely a more modern invention in kpop. What with the…

  • Thumbnail from T:TIME of Soobin in Yokohama
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    From a MOA: Green Room Raid

    One of my favourite series of contents from the TXT official channel are the green room raids. They are what they sound like. The staff approach a single member behind the camera, while they’re waiting in the green room of a concert. The content graces us when we have world tours, as this is when they have the most time in the green room waiting between rehearsals, makeup and styling and sound checks. The staff hold out a jar full of paper and the member picks the random prompt to complete. It often involves getting another member to do something for them or with them. They are often super short,…

  • All five TXT members posing with umbrellas in the rain for REALITY concept photos.
    From a MOA

    From a MOA: Capitalisation

    I have a strange and interesting subject today. It isn’t limited to kpop or fandoms but is very prevalent in them, and other online spaces. When I first started writing for this blog, I was really torn on a decision. On casual online spaces people frequent, the use of capitalization is not so common. It almost feels right not to stick to capitalization, instead start all sentences with a common non capitalised letter. Part of me wanted to write on this blog in the same way. I’d be speaking on the same subjects in the same way. It only felt natural. I’m really curious how this distinction came to be.…

  • Thumbnail of spliced images of all five members of TXT.
    From a MOA

    TEAM: TXT; Reflection

    TEAM:TXT gives us a fresh but familiar look into the members’ thoughts, their stories and their feelings. When I first watched this video, it was really like being hit with a bright light for the first time. Despite the endless content of interviews and talk shows, from magazines to silly videos, it struck me as an incredibly honest and heartfelt video. It asks the members to reflect on their past, think about their motivations when they started their journey. Soobin mentions for the first time how he really only grew an interest in debuting because he was a die hard KARA fan, something he kept under wraps for a long…

  • Beomgyu posed against a reflective metal wall for MELANCHOLY concept photos.
    From a MOA

    From a MOA: Male Gaze

    A friend of mine… Who am I a kidding. Another MOA brought up the subject of female gaze in Kpop. A loaded topic to be certain. I brought it up to my best friend, and their insight was eons of depth beyond what the initial subject was meant to be. It questioned the essence of intention of female gaze. To them, female gaze is a term that undermines the significance of the term male gaze. To them, male gaze was coined to describe the long, long history of male gaze being forced upon the majority of the world by patriarchy. The lighthearted usage of female gaze implies that gaze can…

  • All five TXT members posed on a grubby couch for MELANCHOLY concept photos.
    From a MOA

    From a MOA: American Capitalism and Kpop

    The phenomenon of English songs and collabs is so…. I don’t really have the words if I’m honest. It’s not all bad, and it’s not all good, truly. As a Korean and long time fan, I have to admit, I don’t feel only happiness at the prevalence of kpop within North American spheres. Specifically North American ones, the others I don’t mind very much. North American success feels like a little medal of valour companies scrounge to attain, and at time it feels as if it cheapens the essence of Korean pop. Then again, the idols who train years to perform often grew up looking up to all the artists…

  • TXT Concept: Reality. All 5 members walking away from the camera, backs turned.
    From a MOA

    The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

    The album is out and it is almost everything I could hope it is! The title track is efficiently catchy and the choreo even has some vague voguing, which is truly not common from a boy group. Personally this is my ranking for all the songs on the album: I refuse to rank the English Version, Back For More and Do It Like That. They are not a part of this album to me. Check out the music video below!

  • TXT Concept: Melancholy. All 5 members facing the camera.
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    From a MOA: Certified Real Fans

    The cultural difference of multi-stanning is really fascinating. In korean fandoms, multi stans are not “real” fans perse. They are respected but only as a person who multi-stans. To be respected as a fan of that group, it is necessary to keep to a single group. I can imagine a variety of reasons. Most communities form on twitter and naturally those who are only a fan of one group would prefer to see content within that group. So you curate your following accordingly. In international fandoms, you are a fan of the collective phenomenon of kpop before you are a fan of a single group. Really its sort of understandable,…

  • Tomorrow By Together The Name Chapter: Freefall 2023.10.13. 13:00KST
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    From a MOA: It’s Comeback Season!

    TXT comes back October 13th with a full length abum with title track “Chasing That Feeling”!!! I am so unspeakably excited! It is a bummer that three of the songs are not new but simple english versions or previous singles being looped into this album but.. A new album is a new album all the same. I was absolutely giddy all throughout the 11th and the 12th in anticipation. Synth pop is a genre I love and I simply cannot wait to see what kind of choreography can pair. I can’t really remember in my (long) history of liking Korean music, if I’ve ever seen full choreo to retro synth…

  • TXT Concept: Reality. All 5 members running in black and white.
    From a MOA

    From a MOA: Not Resume Ready

    Let’s start the first week off serious! I just want to dissect the formation of the negative connotation of Kpop linked to real life consequences. No doubt the first feature of interest is an age-old conception that being a fanatic of any kind does not a reputable person make. I can’t completely disagree but as all stereotypes are, it is incredible reductionist. “Stan behaviour” is not commended by most stans. Obsessive following or unspeakable behaviour and even blind defence of their artist. It certainly does not point to maturity. And then there is the social norm of vulnerability to that degree, to the point where you are open about niche…

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