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From a MOA

From a MOA: Green Room Raid

The last Green Room Raid for TXT’s World Tour

One of my favourite series of contents from the TXT official channel are the green room raids. They are what they sound like. The staff approach a single member behind the camera, while they’re waiting in the green room of a concert. The content graces us when we have world tours, as this is when they have the most time in the green room waiting between rehearsals, makeup and styling and sound checks. The staff hold out a jar full of paper and the member picks the random prompt to complete. It often involves getting another member to do something for them or with them.

They are often super short, average a minute or two. Some may approach 5 minutes and some even finish off at 30 seconds. Whatever the length, I felt that green room raids end up showing some of the most candid, honest sides of the members. That’s content that every fan craves.

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