HYBE Chairman Si-hyuk Bang standing in the middle of all five members of TXT, doing their signature group hand pose
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Mini Assignment #2: Guest Entry

You know him as the founder of Big Hit, the man who grew a small-time company into a prominent, leading company in present day Kpop. The father of BTS and TXT! This week I’ve invited HYBE’s world renowned chairman, Mr. Bang Sihyuk himself for a sit down and short Q&A.

Naturally, he’s a very busy man, so we only have a few minutes with him. Let’s get started right away. Good evening Sihyuk-nim!

Hey yo! Hitman Bag introduces! This amazing blog run by a MOA!

Aww you’re too kind sir! I just wanted to shoot through a few questions while we had you. What would you say compelled you to leave your successful career at JYP Entertainment and make your own company?

They were cramping my styyyleee and they were not paying me enouuughh. I said I can do it better without you. I’m built different!!

What percentage of the success of TXT and BTS would you attribute to yourself?

Both 0% and 100% at the same time. It would not exist without me. It also would not exist if the members did not work hard.

When did you decide you wanted to absorb smaller companies to create the industry powerhouse that is HYBE today? Do the different branches feel more individual?

I’m actually a lizard man of the illuminati, and everything is part of the master plan for takeover. From the start of Big Hit Entertainment to the success of HYBE, it is all for the greater purpose. I had no doubt it would all go as we desired.

Thank you for the thoughtful answer Mr. Chairman! Well that’s all the time we have for today.  It was an honour to have you, thank you very kindly for visiting!

All content above is not true to reality and intended as parody.

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