All five TXT members posed on a grubby couch for MELANCHOLY concept photos.
From a MOA

From a MOA: American Capitalism and Kpop

The phenomenon of English songs and collabs is so…. I don’t really have the words if I’m honest. It’s not all bad, and it’s not all good, truly. As a Korean and long time fan, I have to admit, I don’t feel only happiness at the prevalence of kpop within North American spheres. Specifically North American ones, the others I don’t mind very much. North American success feels like a little medal of valour companies scrounge to attain, and at time it feels as if it cheapens the essence of Korean pop. Then again, the idols who train years to perform often grew up looking up to all the artists in North American spaces. I can’t be all mad at the success of my group. Neither can I be mad at the happiness in the members faces when they get to meet and collab with artists that inspired them

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