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POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 7

Process Post #7

P: Digital Media Literacy. What’s the importance of researched “neutrality”?

I thought it incredibly important to take a step back and asses the value of neutrality. I find myself in the unique position of someone who is chronically online, and very exposed to online opinion. To perhaps be a bit reductive, in general those who are chronically online are quick to radicalism. I am and have long been in the school of thought that values research and “both sides” over forming rash decisions about my stance.

I have always found this right. And yet sometimes I am not so sure. Often the subjects of political debate on online spaces involve minorities and oppressed peoples who may not previously have had a voice. It is even harder, than one can imagine, to develop a “neutral” telling of a story. Especially if the people writing the narrative have been at an advantage throughout history. When one refuses to admit this, it may be easy to interpret and find neutrality.

The moment one is aware of the basis of the most “logical” argument is irrevocably rooted in a biased retelling, one has no choice but to question the value of neutrality. If it isn’t being used as a weapon to invalidate new voices trying to be heard, as “too radical”.

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