Peer Review,  POSIEL

Peer Review #1

The website assigned to me for the first peer review is After Dark with Mallory. Mallory’s website is centred on book reviews, a mix of books from the 90s and from the 21st century. The use of a quote for the introduction of the site does a great job of setting the mood. I imagine that the audience for this public, those who are seeking book reviews on these genres of books, would feel at home in the aesthetic of the site. The entirety of the website is very aesthetically pleasing. The mood and palette of all the images used within the landing page is very well formulated. There is a great sense of balance and a sufficient amount of white space that keeps it minimal. Despite this the general mood is sort of old money, vintage and luxury. Perhaps the colours and font of the website could do just a little more to add to that mood? The bright pink of the Instagram button clashes to a certain extent with all the muted colours of the site. The general typography is also very modern and minimalistic. Providing the typography choices with a little more flourish may make it easier to immerse oneself in the mood of the website. The menu ad navigation is very well organized, however, I would suggest making the ‘reviewed’ button of the menu bar clickable as well, so someone would be able to scroll through all of the review posts in one glance. Other than that, Mallory’s website is easy to navigate and absolutely pleasing to the eye. Strong work! I have noticed the website’s balance is broken as smaller sizes. Such as mobile or tablet. The images take too much of the space and end up disrupting the initial layout and white space of the aesthetic. Maybe this only comes to my attention because I am a person who does a lot of my internet browsing on my phone. However, I do think more could be done to improve its flexibility at different viewing sizes.

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