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Peer Review #2

My second peer review is for Amy’s digital diary at Amy’s Archives.

Amy’s archives is a stellar website. It’s very together aesthetically, the typography choices as well as the general colour of theme adds to the coziness. I think the serif font and non capitalized choices are very suited for the casual and cozy mood. Even the accessibility toolbar colour is well suited to the theme!

The little logo of the film camera is incredibly cute as well.

The general theme of the site is minimalistic with a touch of personal adorableness that makes it very pleasing to the eye. I am not quite certain if the rounded sans serif typography choice for the site title is as suited, but I also don’t think it necessarily clashes.

I also did notice that the titles for the posts in the music category is not bolded while the rest are. It may have been purposeful but I do think that consistency is more pleasing general. Just a little thing though.

All the casual choices made are very appropriate considering it’s a digital diary. There are several categories of personal content, which really helps the site seem plentiful and personal.

Amy’s site is very inspiring. I almost wish that I had seen Amy’s site before I started working very deeply on mine. Because it made me want to veer into something more personal as well. I almost don’t have any critique to offer. It’s very complete and displays a level of casualness melded with professionalism, and I think it’s doing a great job at what it needs to do.

Perhaps there are needs to be more clarity with the categories in the menu, or maybe there are too many? The OOTD category is completely empty for now too. Unless you would really love to include OOTDs it would be okay to omit it?

A tiny critique I have is maybe the photographic content could be at the beginning of the post instead of the end. I personally feel that starting with an image makes the content more engaging!

Also clicking on the archive button of the menu leads me to an empty page. It would be great to create an “archive” category and make use of it by letting you see all the posts in that category at one. The same could be said for all the categories in the menu honestly. I think that is really the greatest flaw I can find. Otherwise, keep archiving Amy! It looks amazing.

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