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POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 11

Process Post #11

Q: Develop community guidelines for your site. Why are those the right guidelines for you? How will you implement them?

I would like to think that community guidelines for my blog would be pretty straight forward. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t want to implement too many limitations. As much as the blog is about personal opinion, any other personal opinion should be welcome in the comments. In this case any interaction is a good interaction, even if it disagrees.

That being said, normal rules should apply. No trolling (characterised by disingenuous posts formulated with the sole purpose of disturbing others). No harsh swearing or harassing. No spamming.

Besides these ground rules that are common all throughout the internet, I’d like to think it’s a free for all in my community. And because it is, it’d be fairly easy to moderate myself.

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