All five members of TXT posing to the camera after filming EP.119 of TODO
From a MOA

TODO is back!

I’m so excited! My Mondays are made! TXT’s self published variety show is finally back after approximately three months of hiatus!

During promotions, what with having to spend 10 hours at an ungodly time recording for music shows, the other interviews and promotions and everything in between, most groups self published shows take a necessary hiatus. There’s only 24 hours in a day after all.

Usually towards the end of promotions, their time is freed up enough for them to film again and they produce several episodes to be released over the span fo months.

These self published shows are definitely a more modern invention in kpop. What with the prevalence and validity of youtube in today’s climate. Though their essence, shows focusing solely on the members, is as old as time, the recent trend of content published by the artists team on official youtube channels is definitely a character of late 3rd gen to 4th gen groups.

(Shout out to GOING SEVENTEEN, the variety show so funny even non fans frequently watch it. An icon.)

The endless concepts and games and puzzles for TXT to adventure through TODO are the highlight of my day. The new episode is another bought of chaos as TXT roleplay as people from tiers of the caste system of historical Joseon. Shenanigans ensue as they play games to fight for the throne and ultimately the people with the most ‘toob’ (the name of this episodes currency, in the form of traditional korean taffy) becomes the permanent ruler of the land. 

It was a fun one! Almost always is. Can’t wait for next week.

Check the new TODO out below!

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