• TXT Concept: Reality. All 5 members walking away from the camera, backs turned.
    From a MOA

    The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

    The album is out and it is almost everything I could hope it is! The title track is efficiently catchy and the choreo even has some vague voguing, which is truly not common from a boy group. Personally this is my ranking for all the songs on the album: I refuse to rank the English Version, Back For More and Do It Like That. They are not a part of this album to me. Check out the music video below!

  • TXT Concept: Reality. All 5 members running in black and white.
    From a MOA

    From a MOA: Not Resume Ready

    Let’s start the first week off serious! I just want to dissect the formation of the negative connotation of Kpop linked to real life consequences. No doubt the first feature of interest is an age-old conception that being a fanatic of any kind does not a reputable person make. I can’t completely disagree but as all stereotypes are, it is incredible reductionist. “Stan behaviour” is not commended by most stans. Obsessive following or unspeakable behaviour and even blind defence of their artist. It certainly does not point to maturity. And then there is the social norm of vulnerability to that degree, to the point where you are open about niche…

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