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POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 1

Process Post #1

Q: Reflect and comment on your stranger encounter. How did it differ from your online interactions?

I find that my stranger encounter was a bit plain. I ended up going the most obvious route and speaking to someone in an elevator. To be completely honest I am painfully aware of how I am different online and in person. With my fair share of social anxiety, I often pull out all the stops to make the best first impression in every physical interaction I feel reflects on me as a person. I dare say I have made a formula of things that seem like “green flags” to strangers and act accordingly. I also am not much different online. Despite the anonymity of a faceless space I am no less of a people pleaser. But at least there, I have the freedom to leave.

An elevator traps you in bare minutes, caged by all the social norms one could ever name. It was awkward towards the end, and I spent a good 5 minutes overthinking it.

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