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POSIEL,  Process Posts,  Week 2

Process Post #2

Q: Write a blog post about the work you did this week. How does what you’ve created so far relate to the vision board you made last week?

I will be completely honest in saying I really struggled to grasp the straws of what was necessary to work on our blog. There is so much freedom in the assignment that I feel like a fish out of water, flailing to identify what is good and necessary to fulfill what required of me. I definitely visited the semantics of WordPress because it is also something completely new to me and left me baffled and confused. I wish I also had more technical support on how to navigate and best organize the blog.I’m behind because I haven’t been able to decide the theme of the blog. I know what I will have the easiest time producing content about is kpop because that is a huge hobby of mine. However I don’t know how profound that content will be, and honestly I feel somewhat embarrassed at the thought of peer reviewing something that’s so personal to my interests. It feels sort of… silly.

I basically have two branches. I stick to a kpop group stan blog, sprinkled with Korean cultural commentary. Or I drop kpop all together and focus of social critique of online spaces and the kpop industry, none of my own interests in kpop reflected in the blog. What a dilemma.

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